Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium Roseum)

Source: China, India, CIS

It is a hairy perennial shrub, often used in hedgerows, and stands up to about one meter high (3 feet) with pointed leaves, serrated at the edges and it has pinkish-white flowers. The oil is mostly colorless(but can have a slight light green color to it) with a strong floral aroma and a hint of mint. It has a watery viscosity.

The main constituents are
Alpha Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene, Menthone, Linalool, Geranyl Acetate, Citronellol, Geraniol and Geranyl Butyrate.

The Essential Oil of Geranium is extracted through steam distillation of stem & leaves of Geranium plant.

Health Benefits

An astringent, it makes the gums, muscles (including contraction of abdominal muscles which gives you a better look), intestines, skin, tissues and blood vessels to contract.

Anti Bacterial & Anti Microbial
This property does not let bacteria or microbes develop on wounds and keeps you safe from infections.

Geranium Oil can stop haemorrhage in two ways. First, being an astringent (more specifically, a styptic), it causes contraction of blood vessels and helps stop flow of blood. Second, being a haemostatic, it speeds up coagulation or clotting of blood.

It helps the scars and other spots on skin to fade and vanish. It facilitates blood circulation just below the surface of skin and also helps make distribution of melanin uniform

It encourages the recycling of dead cells and the regeneration of new cells. This helps in the growth of the body cells as well as gametes.

Its diuretic properties increases urination. Urination aids digestion, prohibits formation of gases in the intestine and is effective in the removal of excess acids and bile secreted in the stomach. Urination also reduces blood pressure because the more you urinate, more the sodium is removed and blood pressure is reduced.

Health Benefits

It aids in eliminating body odor and provides an uplifting aroma.

It causes the blood vessels to contract and thus slows down or stops flow of blood.

The tonic property makes all the systems and functions perform smoothly by influencing endocrinal glands for regulating secretion of various hormones, enzymes, acids and bile etc. and toning up the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system and excretory system.

This particular property is very beneficial for those children (sometimes even adults) who suffer from intestinal worms.

Geranium Oil speeds up healing of wounds, cut and surgical incisions.

Other Benefits
It can be fruitful if employed in treatment of acne, dermatitis and other skin diseases etc, infections of nose, throat and other respiratory organs, eczema, neuralgia, burns, ulcers, tonsillitis, Post Menopause Syndrome etc. Further, it has great mental uplifting effects and can be very effective in treating depression, anxiety, anger etc.

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